Andreas Labuschagne

Philosopher-Educator, Yogi-Artist, and Counsellor-Guide in Pretoria, South Africa

Andreas Labuschagne

Philosopher-Educator, Yogi-Artist, and Counsellor-Guide in Pretoria, South Africa

Welcome to my landing page, my name is Andreas, my vocation includes being a contemplative educational philosopher, yogi, intuitive guide, counsellor, and artist.

My professional practice mostly centres around the dissemination of online and distance instruction of pre-service teachers in the field of Humanities with an emphasis on Philosophy of Education, Religious Studies, and other social arts.

In the public sphere, I aspire to facilitate the incorporation of practical and depth wisdom into the lived experience. Hence I offer guidance, counselling, facilitation, mediation and consultation to individuals and groups with a focus on discovering meaning, creating purpose, pathworking, and fruition in their lives.

I also offer general counselling, metaphysical & existential counselling, life guidance, intuitive divination, self-development workshops, art-in-therapy modalities, rites-of-passage and pathworking and more.

I adopt three pillars in my service offering, these are:

1) wisdom orientation

- educational mentorship,

- philosophical inquiry,

- metaphysical-existential counselling.

2) contemplative practice

- meditative observation,

- cultivating insight,

- yoga practice and instruction.

3) intuitive culture

- critical and creative discernment,

- initiation and rite-of-passage work,

- personal mythography and archetypal inquiry,

- artefact creation

- Dharma Art

My personal sphere, I have 20 years of experience in Buddhist practice, with teaching from a Ch'an master of the Lin Ji tradition as well as the Shan Tao tradition of Pure Land teaching. I also have experience with all major schools of Tibetan Buddhism, with a focus on the Madhyamaka tradition, Mahamudra tradition, and the Dzogchen tradition.

I further explore and engage in seemingly eclectic avenues of Integral and Process Psychology, Therapeutic Art modalities, Shamanic and primal intuitive therapies, insights in the Occult, Esoteric, Hermetic, magickal and philosophical traditions of the world.

If any of these meanderings resonate with you and you wish to explore these offerings further with me then I welcome you to contact me and/or book a consultation.

Andreas Labuschagne

~ Ah, a sincere surrender, a return home, to where the heart abides, and mind roams ~