Andreas Labuschagne

Educator, Philosopher, and counsellor in Cape Town, South Africa

Andreas Labuschagne

Educator, Philosopher, and counsellor in Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to my landing page, I'm Andreas Labuschagne, a contemplative educational philosopher and counsellor.

My professional practice is online and distance lecturing of pre-service teachers in the field of Humanities with an emphasis on Philosophy of Education.

In the public sphere, I present myself as an aspirant wizard (wise one). I offer guidance, counselling, facilitation, mediation and consultation to individuals and groups with a focus on helping discover, walk, and reap the fruits of their life paths. I adopt three pillars for my service provision, they are:

1) wisdom orientation

- educational mentorship,

- philosophical inquiry,

- metaphysical counselling.

2) contemplation

- meditative observation,

- yoga practice and instruction.

3) magickal culture

- critical and creative divination,

- initiation and rite-of-passage work,

- mythography and archetypal inquiry,

- artefact creation

In my personal space, I have 20 years experience in Buddhist practice, with a direct teaching transmission from a Lin Ji tradition Ch'an master as well as his Shan Tao tradition of Pure Land teaching, and experience with all major schools of Tibetan Buddhism with focuses in the Madhyamaka tradition, Mahamudra tradition, and ultimately the Dzogchen tradition.

I also explore and engage in the avenues of Psychology, Therapeutic Art modalities, the Occult, Esotericism, Hermeticism, the magickal and philosophical traditions of the world, and nature connection.

If my words resonate with you then feel free to contact me and/or book a consultation.

~ Ah, a sincere surrender, a return home, to where the heart abides, and mind roams ~

Andreas Labuschagne

  • Education
    • Yogi (Yoga Teacher Fellowship)
    • Counsellor (Council for Counsellors South Africa)
    • Apprentice Wizard (Grey School of Wizardry)
    • Teacher (South African Council for Educators)
    • Lecturer (Two Oceans Graduate Institute)